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Opechee River Rock Massage

60 Minutes, $120 
A relaxing full body massage combined with heat therapy. Smooth, polished river stones are warmed and incorporated into the massage to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress, and ease tension.

Massage Cupping

60 Minutes, $120 
Cupping is a great addition or alternative to a deep tissue massage.  Acrylic cups are applied to the skin with suction to areas the body needs additional circulation or tension relief.  Techniques can include stationary cups and/ or use of moving cups.   
**Please be aware that depending on skin sensitivity, "Cupping Kisses" may appear and last 4-7 days after treatment. 

Deep Tissue Massage

60 Minutes, $110
This therapeutic massage is a great treatment for someone with tight muscles, chronic pain or for those who enjoy deep pressure to relax. Medium to firm strokes are used to help target deep layers of muscle and trigger points (knots or adhesions) within the muscle tissue.
*Add on: Ice therapy $10: Helps reduce inflammation in problem areas or soothe sore muscles after deep tissue work.


60 Minutes, $120 
Great for those looking for deep tissue work, or those who enjoy relaxing with a firm pressure.  Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy® is a unique barefoot massage modality designed to allow your massage therapist to deliver continuous pressure throughout your massage.  By using specially mounted balance and support bars, your massage therapist can apply a pressure that is best accepted by your body to ensure your comfort and relief.
*Only available with specially trained massage therapists.

Relaxation Massage

60 Minutes, $95
This customized full body massage which utilizes light to moderate strokes.  Improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension and relaxing your entire body.

Pregnancy Massage

60 Minutes, $100
Relax and relieve the additional stress put on your body during pregnancy. Specifically designed for the expecting mother to be, this massage targets the neck, shoulders, lower back and feet.  You and your baby will rest side lying, in the most comfortable position supported by pillows so you both can fully enjoy this nurturing treatment.
*Massage is best suited for guests in their 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy.  Deep tissue work is not advised during pregnancy.

Enhance your Massage session with…

  • Aromatherapy $5
  • Hydrating Warm Mitts or Booties $15
  • Hydrating Scalp Massage $15
  • 30 Minute Sauna Session $20
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